What to Know About Personalised Guitar Picks

What to Know About Personalised Guitar Picks

Did you know that the acoustic guitar is the most popular instrument in Australia? With so many people picking up guitar, picking the best guitar accessories is a must. But is there any benefit to personalised guitar picks other than aesthetics?

If you're looking into custom and personalised guitar picks, we're happy to help. Read on to learn about the many benefits of customising your guitar plectrum.

Using Personalised Guitar Picks

To start, what are custom guitar picks?

Guitar picks - often called the guitar plectrum - are the small, usually triangular tools used to play the strings. Some people opt for a coin instead, but custom guitar picks are more streamlined toward the task.

Personalisation can look into the materials used, the weight, the size, and the colouration. You can also have an engraved guitar pick to add flair. Here are some of the many benefits of custom guitar picks. 

Better Grip

When you buy guitar picks, you're typically buying them by the case. It's rare that you'll buy one guitar pick and hold onto it for months on end. A guitar plectrum is easy to lose track of and they break easily.

However, when buying guitar accessories in bulk, they often aren't the best quality. One way that they'll lower the quality of a guitar plectrum is to make the piece smooth.

For some, this is preferable. But for most, especially beginner guitar players, they prefer to have a texture where their thumb will rest on the guitar plectrum.

With custom guitar picks, you can often design the grip and texturing on the pick. That way, you're in control over how much grip they'll give, as well as how that grip feels.

Defined Weight

Another issue with generic guitar plectrum purchases is a variance of weight. Many guitar players become accustomed to the weight of their guitar plectrum. 

Premium guitar picks are often picked by their weight. But if you choose personalised guitar picks, you can decide their precise weight. Practising with guitar picks that are all the same weight can help you commit to more complex techniques.

You also can see if your guitar pick service will create several custom picks of different weights. By doing so, you can see which weight feels most natural to you while playing.

The weight of a pick can also help depending on the style of music. For example, many metal musicians prefer thicker picks for a heavier tone. The size and weight of your pick will affect the sound of your music, so don't hesitate to try several weights.

Easier to Identify

One issue with generic guitar accessories is that they're easy to lose track of. If you're playing guitar with a friend and you both have generic picks of the same colour, you may struggle to tell them apart.

If you have an engraved guitar pick, you'll never have this problem. An engraved guitar pick with a custom message is unique and cannot be mistaken for another.

Another way to accomplish this is with a unique guitar pick design. Your guitar pick service may allow you to add one-of-a-kind patterns or colours to your premium guitar picks. That way, there's no chance of someone taking your favourite pick by mistake.

Brainstorm ways that you can customise your picks so that they're solely unique to you. By doing so, you'll never worry about misplacing one in public or with your friends. Generic picks have similar appearances and weights which makes them a dime a dozen and easy to discard.

Custom Attachment

While customising your guitar plectrum, you can create a piece that has personal meaning to you. While even premium guitar picks are relatively disposable, customising them can help you develop an attachment to your picks.

It's far from uncommon for musicians to have a lucky pick or something similar. You can set your picks apart by customising them in the way that best benefits you. In doing so, you'll have a unique piece that you'll enjoy using.

The benefits aren't purely sentimental. If you design a pick to fit your needs perfectly, your playing will slowly improve.

Guitar accessories won't make you a good player, but they can help you become one. Design a custom pick to fit all of your needs to help improve your playing.

Cheaper in Bulk

Guitar picks are most often bought in bulk. Your local guitar accessories store likely has a bin of various picks in different designs, weights, and material makeup.

Other common ways to buy a set of picks is in a bag of several uniform options. Some other brands will release tins of a dozen or so picks. These containers often cost the same as a single engraved guitar pick, so why bother with the more expensive option?

You can easily lower the cost on premium guitar picks by buying in bulk. Most guitar pick service companies will allow you to order your picks by the batch. Few companies will sell single picks, as most guitarists will go through dozens over a couple of months.

Consider how many you need and what you need to customise your picks. Contact your preferred personalising company and see what deals they can help you with. It's an excellent way to save a few bucks while still getting the best premium guitar picks possible.

Picking the Best Personalised Guitar Picks

Personalised guitar picks are a great way to add flair and customisation to your guitar playing. Having a guitar plectrum that fits your preferred size, weight, and grip will help you become more comfortable as you practise guitar. You'll also enjoy having unique and easy-to-identify picks as a result of your customisation.

For more information, be sure to contact us. You can also browse our site for riveting reads on personalising your equipment.