United Bracelets – Our Name Necklace Range

United Bracelets – Our Name Necklace Range

Looking for that special gift for that special someone? Cannot decide what to do this year for them? This can be either because a) they have everything they need and b) you’ve already gotten them an “I forgot to get you something” amazon gift card last year?

Then look no further than our huge range of potential gifts and namely our name necklace range. These can be for any of your loved ones, from Mum to Dad, or your special little someone.

The Name Necklace

So why a name necklace to begin with? A name is who we are. It is our identity. It is along for the entire length of our journey. A name holds power, and to represent it in the form of jewellery only grows that power.

Few things can say “I’m thinking about you” than a name necklace for that special someone. We offer a wide variety of name necklaces in many different shapes, colours and customisation. It can be the name of the gift giver, the receiver, or anyone that would make an impact on their lives. The name necklace is a constant positive reminder of the power that is in a name.

Pick a core colour for the name necklace

We sometimes vary it up with special colours. However our main range of colours are based on the precious metals we use. Our standard core colours are the classic sterling silver and the traditional gold plated sterling silver. Not forgetting the updated gold styling in rose plating, and our most modern look in platinum plating.

Onto the style!

We offer numerous classical fonts that are in script or print format. It can vary on the necklace model so please check. We offer traditional name necklaces. On these you can customise what is written. Be it their name or a nickname of adoration, and we will create it for you.

For those looking for a trendy style – take a look at our vertical bar necklace. Here we can print up to four different bars with different names. Get one for a group of your best friends here!

If one name never seems enough on a name necklace – take a look at our specialised double name necklace here. Give it to your significant other and have her carry both names with love.

Another great style is one that has brighter colours for those that want to be louder and really express themselves. Take a look at some of our examples here.

How can I ever choose?

We pride ourselves on our jewellery selection and take the time to make sure that our product range is a reflection of us. We want to make sure that the experience you have with us is a positive one. The one-stop-shop for all the gift jewellery you would ever need.

As mentioned, we have several styles that can be found here. So take the time to browse and look for that perfect gift. We are 100% focused on delivering high-quality gift jewellery. While always being able to answer any questions you have, so feel free to contact us here.