Personalised Pet Jewellery: The Best Way to Commemorate a Pet

Personalised Pet Jewellery: The Best Way to Commemorate a Pet

On the day that my sweet Morkie named Sadie passed away last year, I was utterly devastated. She was the best pup anyone could ask for, and I loved her dearly. Missing her made me feel like a piece of me was gone. However, when I found United Bracelets, they helped me to restore that part of my heart. They offered me personalised pet jewellery to help preserve her memory.

Carrying a constant reminder of Sadie’s face with me everywhere I go lets me keep her close to me, despite her no longer snuggling in my lap every morning. I am forever grateful to United Bracelets!

Your furry friend is your closest companion, staying by your side through thick and thin. They are your confidant and best friend, providing a listening ear whenever you need one. They keep you company and provide endless cuddles. As well as giving you someone to talk to when your human counterpart just doesn’t do the job.

Whether your pet is still romping around in your backyard or happily accepting belly rubs in heaven, they deserve to have a commemoration. One of our favourite ways in which to do this is through personalised pet jewellery!

How we at United Bracelets are your go-to for personalised pet Jewellery

At United Bracelets, our personalised pet jewellery is the section most near and dear to our hearts. Featuring customisable keyrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. This section has the most frequent amount of visits on our website. We love our pets, and we know you love yours too. That is why we take such care when creating your personalised pet jewellery.

By far, our most popular and best-selling piece is our personalised pet charm keyring. Our fellow animal-lovers recognise how beautiful it is to carry a constant reminder of their pets with them. They live out this belief by attaching a pet charm keyring to their purse, keys, or backpack.

Our range of Personalised Pet Jewellery

In addition to this best-selling piece, United Bracelets also takes great pride in offering many other personalised pet items. From multiple styles of charm necklaces to earrings and paw print lockets. We find joy in creating unique pieces that will honour your pet.

While much customisable pet jewellery simply includes your pet’s name, our pet jewellery is perfectly personalised. This means that our charms can feature your pet’s likeness in addition to their name! It is such a special experience to carry that image with you everywhere you go.

The day that I received my beautiful charm with Sadie’s face on it was an exciting and emotional day. I am so thankful for the work that United Bracelets does. If you only have the opportunity to create one piece of jewellery to remind you of your pet, choose one of the United Bracelets pieces. You won’t regret it!

It is an honour to us at United Bracelets to help each and every one of our valued customers celebrate the memories and love that they share with their pets. Visit the "Jewellery of Pets" section of our website today and take the opportunity to express your adoration for your pet. You'll be sure to love your personalised pet jewellery!